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Thalassaemia India, Child Welfare, A-9, Nizamuddin West, New Delhi, India


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-Thalassaemia India

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-Child Welfare
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– A-9, Nizamuddin West, New Delhi – 110013 (INDIA)
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-New Delhi
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– 0091+11 46595811

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-Thalassaemia India


– Giving hope a new meaning…Established in 1986, Thalassemics India was conceived to check and help deal with Thalassemia. A non-governmental organization, Thalassemics India is working zealously across the country, operating in close association with doctors, drug/equipment companies throughout the country and abroad, hospitals, Thalassemia associations & thalassemia centers.

An association which was formed by a few Thalassemia parents in 1986, has now achieved the status of a State Awardee (1998) Organization with more than 3000 strong memberships that includes thalassemics, thalassemia parents, associations, doctors & social workers. 

Thalassemics India is a voting member of Thalassaemia International Federation , an international body based in Cyprus.. Among some of the main achievements of the association since its inception are the establishment of the Thalassemia centers in two hospitals of Delhi. Organization of 7 successful International Conferences & Workshops, holding of free Thalassemia clinics, collection of medicines/equipments for free distribution, organization of free Thalassemia detection camps, collection of funds from India & abroad to help the underprivileged thalassemic patients towards their treatment & collaborating closely with important offices & departments at the State and Central level for achieving the goals.


  • To campaign for blood collection for Thalassemic patients.
  • To counsel & educate thalassemics, their families & doctors on the management of Thalassemia.
  • To create better transfusion & treatment facilities.
  • To collect funds, equipments, medicines for underprivileged thalassemic patients.
  • To create awareness among public & facilitate screening and prevention programmes for control of Thalassemia.
  • To promote collaboration with State & Central Governments, W.H.O., Thalassemia Centres in India, Thalassemia International Federation, Hospitals & other NGO’s.
About Thalassaemia

Thalassemia is a genetic blood disorder in which a patient cannot make enough Red Blood Cells and needs to be supplemented with RBC transfusions every 2-3 weeks to stay healthy and to survive.

Types Of Thalassemia

Alpha Thalassemia
The alpha thalassemia is caused by a decrease in production of alpha globin chains due to a deletion or mutation of one or more of the four alpha globin genes located on chromosome 16. Alpha gene mapping can be obtained to determine the specific mutation. The alpha thalassemia can be generally categorized as:

    Silent Carrier
   Alpha Thalassemia Trait
   Hemoglobin H disease
   Hemoglobin H-Constant Spring
   Alpha Thalassemia major

Alpha Thalassemia trait in a parent is often discovered after the birth of an effective child.

  • Minor/carrier/trait : They appear perfectly healthy, however where two carriers decide a family there is one in four chance that their child could inherit their carrier genes and develop Beta Thalassemia Major, one in four of a child being normal and 50% chance of the child also being a carrier.
  • Thalassemia Intermedia : A clinical expression for a condition between Carrier and Major .They often run a hemoglobin of 7-9 g/dl. They need transfusions only at times as their Hb drops with infection or any stress on the body. Especially during pregnancy or leg ulcers(seen with chronic hemolytic anemias ).
  • Thalassemia Major : : In thalassaemia major, red blood cells are destroyed almost as soon as they are produced and the bone marrow cannot produce a sufficient number to replace them. This condition requires intensive medical care, including 2-3 weekly transfusions, Iron chelation therapy by giving desferrioxamine injections or by giving oral chelators. For many years, it was thought that thalassemia major patients were untreatable and would inevitably die at an early age. We now know however , that with proper treatment , patients can lead full and fulfilling lives.
Testing For Thalassemia
A SIMPLE Blood Test called Hb ELECTOPHORESIS / Hb A2 will tell you whether you are a carrier or have a trait of thalassemia minor.
Our Efforts

Bone Marrow Transplant

Thalassemics India has supported more than 85 underprivileged Thalassemia Bone Marrow Transplant cases from the year
2005- 2018.

Helping Hands Project

Thalassemics India “Helping Hands” Project is to help underprivileged thalassemia major patients. Under this project, Thalassemics India has been supporting

Sunday Clinic

Help Committee comprising of Rita Jain and Rekha Arora, held a clinic at Thalassemics Indias Nizamuddin office on 30th July and 27th August.Dr V K Khanna

Drugs & Equipments
– Following Equipments / Medicines available at Thalassemics India ,
A-9, Nizamuddin West New Delhi -13 at subsidized rates:

  • Desferal 0.5g injection
  • Asunra 100mg tablets
  • Asunra 400mg tablets
  • Oleptiss FCT 90mg tablets
  • Oleptiss FCT 180mg tablets
  • Oleptiss FCT 360mg tablets
  • Desirox 250mg tablets
  • Desirox 500mg tablets
  • Kelfer 500mg capsules
  • Kelfer 250mg capsules
  • Defrijet 250mg tablets
  • Defrijet 500mg tablets
  • Pall RC1VAE filter (for 1 unit of blood)
  • Pall RC2VAE filter (for 2 units of blood)
  • Bio-R filter (for 1 unit of blood)
  • Bio-R2 filter (for 2 units of blood)
  • BB Imugard Filter ( For 1 unit of blood)
  • Venogliss G-27 Short Needle, length 60cm
  • JMS Needle G-27 Short Needle, length 80 cm
  • TI-needle G-28 8mm, length 60 cm
  • Micrel infusion pump, Greece made
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Computer Ghar,
201, Shiva Tower,
G.T Road,
Ghaziabad 201001

Mo. +91 9810062367

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