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Stork Medical, Stem Cell bank, Rama 1 Road, Rong Muang, Phatumawan, Bangkok, Thailand


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-Stork Medical

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-Stem Cell Bank

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-44, Sruulsup Tower, 22nd Floor, Rama 1 Road, Rong Muang, Phatumawan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
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1-866-65 STORK 


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-Stork Medical


In 1989, the process of cord blood banking was created because of the research showing the value of collecting and storing this invaluable resource. As a physician and researcher, the founder of Stork Medical, Dr. Jonathan Liss, closely followed the development and discoveries associated with cord blood stem cell research. After reviewing cord blood pros and cons and becoming a believer in the current and future uses of cord blood stem cells, Stork Medical was founded in 2005. The mission of Stork Medical is to protect children and families by providing affordable cord blood banking services.

Stork Medical believes in educating future parents on the importance of cord blood stem cell storage, in a nurturing manner, so that an

informed decision can be made without feeling pressured to

proceed because of strong sales tactics. Armed with the

most current cord blood facts, parents can make an educated


Cord blood stem cell storage is safe, painless, and does not

conflict with religious beliefs or the birthing process. Banking

your baby’s cord blood can occur during a home birth, an

alternative birthing center, or a traditional hospital


Stork Medical can provide cord blood banking services within the United States, twenty four hours a day, 7 days a week.

It is our belief that cord blood banking is one of the best investments you can make to protect the health of your family. It should be a part of your maternity planning process. Stork Medical is proud to provide family cord blood services.

Reasons to Store

Top 5 Things to Know About Storing Cord Blood Stem Cells

1.  Today’s Health Protection

  • Stem cell therapy is now used every day. In fact, more than 8,000 transplants have already taken place.

  • There are more than seventy diseases for which stem cells are used for treatment. This includes many leukemias, cancers, and metabolic diseases. A list of these diseases are available on this website.

  • Stem cells are already being used to make new bladders, fingers, noses, and cartilage.

2.  Tomorrow’s Biologic Insurance

  • The future is bright and exciting for cord blood stem cell use. There is research being done for virtually every major disease. Recently, Duke University infused a young boy with his own cord blood stem cells for the treatment of cerebral palsy. His improvements were remarkable. Within five days he was walking without a walker and speaking again. According to his parents, a full cure is expected.

  • Children with insulin dependent diabetes are being given stem cells to see if it will cure their diabetes. Early results appear to show a dramatic reduction in the amount of insulin necessary to control blood sugars.

  • 60 Minutes documented the cure of a young man with severe Sickle Cell disease. Not only was he cured after he received stem cells, but his blood type was changed.

  • Because cord blood stem cells have proven the ability to replace bone marrow, there is high expectation that diseases with a likely immune basis, such as Multiple Sclerosis, Crohn’s Disease, Lupus, and Rheumatoid Arthritis will soon see major therapeutic advancements.

3.  Safety

  • Collecting cord blood is essentially risk free. These stem cells are collected from the umbilical cord after the cord has been cut and your baby is in your arms.

  • When needed, stem cell treatments take as little as fifteen minutes. For many, it requires only the placement of an intravenous line.

4.  Family Protection

  • Currently, the leading user of cord blood stem cells is not the baby whose cord blood was stored, but the baby’s sibling. This is the most obvious way to demonstrate that cord blood offers protection for the whole family. The closer the genetic relationship to the baby, the more likely these cells will prove to be useful.

5.  Ethics

  • Because cord blood collection occurs without any harm to the baby and because the cord blood would otherwise be thrown away, most people support this science with a clear conscience.

  • The world’s major religions support the storage and use of umbilical cord stem cells.

  • Conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats are both in favor of cord blood stem cell usage

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