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Khansama Tandoori Restaurant, Restaurant, 166, Serangoon Road, Singapore


Name :

-Khansama Tandoori Restaurant

Genre :


Address :
– 166,  Serangoon Road, Singapore 218050
City :
– Singapore
Pincode :
Country :
– Singapore
Phone :
– (0065) 62990300, 63967395
Fax No. :
– (0065) 62955075
-11.00 AM – 11.00 PM

Name :

-Khansama Tandoori Restaurant


-The word tandoor came originally from the Middle East with the name deriving from the Babylonian word ‘tinuru’ from the Semitic word nar meaning fire. Hebrew and Arabic then made it tannur then tandur in Turkey, Central Asia and, finally Pakistan and India, who made it famous worldwide. Understandably, many people assume the tandoor to be native to India as evidence exists of early tandoors around 3000 BC.

Used throughout India (and found in Indian restaurants throughout the world), the traditional rounded-top tandoor oven is made of brick and clay. It’s used to bake foods over direct heat produced from a smoky fire. The dough for the delicious Indian bread NAAN is slapped directly onto the oven’s clay walls and left to bake until puffy and lightly browned. Meats cooked in the tall, rather cylindrical tandoor are usually skewered and thrust into the oven’s heat, which is so intense (usually over 500°F) that it cooks a chicken half in less than 5 minutes…


Khansama Tandoori Restaurant
  1. Functions Hall for Birthday, ROM, Engagement, Wedding, Company Dinner, etc.

Khansama Tandoori Village

  1. Function Hall / Auditorium for Private Functions, Birthday, ROM, Engagement, Corporate Lunch/Dinner etc.
  2. Free parking on weekends, public holidays & from 7PM to 7AM daily.
  3. WiFi connection.
Misellenous Services
Tandoor On Site for BBQ Parties
S$150 for Tandoor and the chef for three hours
ChaatStaal on site
S$100.00 for Chaat counter and Chef On site for three hours
Alu Tikki Stall on site
S$100.For Alu Tikki Counter and the Chef for three hours
Paani Poori Chaats on site
S$100.For chefand the chat counter on site for three hours
Hot Jalebi on site
S$100.For sweets chef and the equipments on site for 2 hrs
Poori, Bhatoora on site
S$100.For sweets chef and the equipments on site
Pav Bhaji onsite
S$100.For chef and the equipments on site
Draft Beer on Site
Sold by barrel and subject to the availability of the chilling machine
Dinner Tables and Chairs
Additional Charges for Dining table and chairs – chair S$5.00 Table S$10.00 Table Cloth : S$5.00 Additional transport for table chairs etc : S$5
Choice of cutlery
Wine Glasses : S$1.00, Whisky Glasses : S$1.00, Glass tumblers : S$0.50 Breakage and losses of any glasses S$2.00 per piece
Bhangra On Site :
S$250.00 for one hour subject to availability
Mehandi On site
S$200.00 for 25 persons additional chargeable at S$5.00 per person subject to availablty.
How to Order a Trouble Free Catering
ü Pls make a list of the guests including children (For children upto the age of 3 is free, From the age of 3 yrs to 8 years is charged at half(½ ) adult. ü Now you have two ways to order 1. Order by the number of expected guests + 2 extra for any emergency. Food will be sent to you according to the number of guests ordered in the quantities according to our calculations and experience. In this case the host is responsible for the excesses and the shortages of the food 2. Order by the number of guests and you will be charged by the number of guests ordered and if the number of guests are more than the ordered numbers the host will have to pay for the extra number guests based on the number of dinner plates used. For Outdoor Caterings a waiter / Server will be deployed by us and the host will be charged additional S$50.00 for three hours. For Indoor Caterings at our restaurant the manager or a staff of the restaurant will inform the host about the excess number of guests and the host is advised to check the numbers given by the staff.
Products :
Contact :
Business Email :
– khansama@pacific.net.sg
Business Weblink :
www.jungletandoor.com   ,    www.khansama.net

Computer Ghar,
201, Shiva Tower,
G.T Road,
Ghaziabad 201001

Mo. +91 9810062367

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