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Apex Automation Pvt. Ltd, Exporter, Software IT Solutions, House No.5 & 6, Shivalik Plaza, Dr. V. S. Road, Ahmedabad, India


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-Apex Automation Pvt. Ltd.

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-Software IT Solutions
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Flow Measurement Products


Apex AMR

Apex Automation Pvt. Ltd. is an authorized distributor/channel partner for Remote Automation Solutions/Emerson Process Management flow measurement products which are branded as FloBoss, Bristol, ControlWave and ROC flow computers. Remote Management Information System(RMIS) software is an indigenous licensed software used by technicians to connect and communicate to Bristol as well as FloBoss field mounted flow computers in either local or remote manner for the purpose of configuration, downloading archives, audits etc. Apex Automated Meter Reading (AMR) is a web based M2M solution which allows for automatic, consistent and accurate collection of metering related information from natural gas meters spread over a wide geographical area. Collected data is transferred to a centralized database for billing purposes and/or usage analysis.


Apex Automation Pvt. Ltd. (AAPL) is exclusive business partner of M/s. Vemm tec Messtechnik GmbH. Germany. We offer highly accurate turbine, rotary gas flow measurement products as per below:

IGTM-CT Turbine Gas Meter

OMEGA VI Rotary Gas Meter (RPD)

PTZ Box 3.0 Electronic Volume Converter

  • The Vemm tec IGTM-CT turbine meter can be used for measurement of various kinds of gases such as natural gas, air, nitrogen etc. IGTM-CT is a highly accurate flow meter approved for Custody transfer (MID, etc.) as per EN12261
  • The OMEGA VI rotary gas meter is a positive displacement meter for volume and flow rate measurement. It is suitable for measuring clean, dry and non-corrosive gases like natural gas, propane, butane, air, nitrogen and others.
  • The OMEGA VI is used for highly accurate measurement and is available with very large rangeability. It is also approved for custody transfer (MID approval) as per EN12480.
  • The PTZ-Box 3.0 is an electronic converter for gas meters which is approved for custody transfer.
  • Constructed and approved according to EN12405 standard.
  • Features:
    • Flow range: 6.5 m3/h to 25,000 m3/h
    • Diameter: DN50 (2”) to DN600 (24”)
    • Standard and/or improved turndown ratio and/or accuracy
    • Up to 4 pulse outputs
    • With (Pigsar, EnBW) or without wet gas calibration
    • Inbuilt flow straightener
  • Features:
    • Flow range: 0.6 m3/h to 480 m3/h
    • Diameter: DN50 to DN100
    • Measuring ranges up to 1:200
    • Suitable for horizontal/vertical mounting
  • Features:
    • Protection: IP65
    • Graphic display with 10 button keypad
    • Internal battery good for 5 years continuous use
    • Integral pressure sensor
    • Integral temperature sensor
    • Supports MODBUS RTU and other protocols
    • RS232 and RS485 communication

V-Cone flow meter

  • McCrometer’s V-Cone® Flow Meter is an advanced differential pressure instrument, which is ideal for use with liquid, steam or gas media in rugged conditions where accuracy, low maintenance and cost are important.
  • The V-Cone is especially useful in tight-fit and retrofit installations


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