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Ao Nang Mosque, Masjid, 420/14-15 4203, Tambon Ao Nang, Amphoe Mueang Krabi, Chang Wat Krabi, Thailand


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-Ao Nang Mosque

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– 420/14-15 4203, Tambon Ao Nang, Amphoe Mueang Krabi, Chang Wat Krabi, 81000, Thailand
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-Ao Nang Mosque


Wednesday, 22 September 2010 18:46
On September 9, 2010, Ao Nang Subdistrict Administration Organization headed by Mr. Kong Khamkittithikul, Chairman of Ao Nang Subdistrict Administration Organization Donations for the construction of Ban Ao Nang Mosque, Moo 2, Ao Nang Sub-district, Muang District, Krabi to the Ban Ao Nang Mosque, were Baht 1,000,000 (one million baht). Inspector General of Ao Nang jointly donated the mosque. To improve the beautiful Ao Nang mosque. The city is a tourist. It is a center for religious ceremonies. The Muslim Brotherhood in Ao Nang area. And foreigners traveling in Ao Nang.

And donations. Religious Education Program And 37,800 baht (thirty seven thousand eight hundred baht) for young people to study. Be aware of the correct implementation of the guidelines and instructions. Of Islam Learn more and find out how to apply it to your daily life. Correctly

Specialty :
–  Grand, traditional mosque with towers, dramatic arched windows & golden onion domes. 
-Landscape Improvement Project for Aonang Mosque Muharraq
1. Project Name

Project of Aonang Mosque Muenavatha Mu 2, Ao Nang, Muang, Krabi

2. Principles and rationale

With Ao Nang Mosque Mohammed II is an old mosque used for the religious rites of the villagers, Moo 2 has long been and is now the support of the people. It is the center of worship. Often there are foreigners, such as Singapore, Malaysia, who visit the area of ​​Ao Nang. It is a religious ceremony is a little. The area of ​​the mosque that once accommodated the villagers Mu 2 Ao Nang is not enough to meet the needs. And it is likely that the tourism of Ao Nang. There are more tourists and the use of mosques is a place to perform more religious rituals. The mosque can accommodate both Thai and foreign tourists. The mosque has been subsidized by the administration of Ao Nang subdivision two times, but the mosque is still not completed, has been renovated, so the project was made to request another subsidy from the management of the district. In order to continue the project.

3. Objectives

1. To be a center for religious rituals. It can accommodate the participants to meet the requirements. The people in the district and tourists.

2. The new mosque will be a beautiful mosque. And enough space. It is a center for Muslim rituals.

3. To be the coordinating center of the concerned agencies. Information center in the community.

4. It is a spiritual center for Muslims to have faith in God.

4. Goals

1. to build a new mosque Replacing the old worn out. To be beautiful. And enough space to meet the needs.

2. To accommodate the visiting Muslims. It can be a place for visitors to visit.

5. Place of Operation

Ban Ao Nang Mosque Muenavatha Mu 2, Ao Nang

6. How to proceed

1. Ao Nang Subdistrict Administration Organization Meeting at Municipality 2, Ao Nang

2. Proposed annual budget.

3. Ao Nang Subdistrict Administrative Organization

7. Budget

Request for budget support from Ao Nang Subdistrict Administrative Organization, Muang District, Krabi Province

Baht 1,000,000 (One Million Baht Only)

8. Expected Results

1. Muslim Brothers in Ao Nang And foreign Muslims who come to Ao Nang district has a place to perform religious rites.

2. Muslim Brothers in Ao Nang We can proudly welcome foreigners to participate in religious ceremonies.

3. Beautiful Ao Nang Mosque is the showpiece of the people of Ao Nang.

4. Can be used as a center for coordinating with various agencies. Both government and private sectors.

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